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Newgen’s Eco-Tree Project

Everyone at Newgen is proud of our corporate social responsibility programs. One way we give back is through the Eco-Tree Project.

In 2009, the socially-conscious leadership of Newgen identified a way of supporting the world’s depleting environment – to plant a tree for every book we help to publish. It was from this eco-friendly vision that the Eco-Tree Project was born.

The bold Eco-Tree Project has grown over the past decade and we are now proud to support the planting of over 30,000 trees every year. This work is helping to combat climate change as well as changing the ecology of the areas where the trees are grown.

Trees don’t just make a community more sustainable, they help make healthier and more attractive places to live, work and study. Shade giving trees, flowering trees and fruit-bearing trees are creating new habitats for nature, improving community spaces and helping our response to the climate change crisis.

From Newgen’s offshore base in the city of Chennai in South-East India, we coordinate tree planting around the city and in the wider Tamil Nadu state. Trees are planted only where landowners pledge to care for saplings for two years, by which time trees are well established.

A photo from the Eco Tree Project showing saplings ready to be planted, school children gathered around to celebrate the initiative.

The Eco-Tree Project grows native tree saplings at a dedicated nursery close to the city of Chennai, before transferring the young trees to protected areas in schools, colleges, factories and residential areas around the state. With community participation, suitable places for planting these saplings are identified. The Eco-Tree Project takes care of the all costs involved in the planting process.

Through community involvement and training we are proud to spread the message about the importance and benefits of tree planting and regreening in general. Communities and landowners are supported in caring for tree saplings, with more than fifty percent of the trees planted surviving for more than two years.  

“We are enormously proud of the Eco-Tree Project … this is vital and hugely beneficial work.”

Commenting on the scheme, Joseph Bottrill, Managing Director of Newgen Publishing UK said “We are enormously proud of the Eco-Tree Project. With myriad benefits, from helping to tackle climate change to supporting rural and suburban communities in Tamil Nadu, this is vital and hugely beneficial work.”