How can I transfer files between my mac and the RDS without the faff of using the ftp site?

I know we prefer people to work on the RDS as much as possible, but occasionally there can be a need for them to work locally. This has previously been a bit tricky on a mac, because you can’t easily copy files from the RDS to a mac or vice versa. The slightly faffy workaround has been to use the FTP site, but there is an easier way, which involves creating a shared folder. Here are some instructions if you have any mac users that might need to do this:

  1. Create a folder somewhere on your mac’s hard drive that you would like to put work files in (e.g. a folder on your desktop called ‘Work stuff’).
  2. Follow the instructions in the top-rated answer on this website: (the one from Dan King).
  3. Log into the RDS.
  4. Open ‘This PC’ and you should see an icon called something like ‘Work stuff on Beckys-iMac’.
  5. Right-click on this icon to create a shortcut that you can save to your RDS desktop.
  6. You should now be able to put files in this folder from either the RDS or your mac and have them available on both.