Instructions for an author wanting to upload to our ftp

<p><strong><u>How to load files to ooh-download</u></strong></p>
<li>If you are returning more than one file to us please secure all of your documents in a single ZIP file (click <u><a href="">here</a></u> for Windows instructions, click <u><a href="">here</a></u> for Mac instructions).</li>
<li>To load the files to our transfer site please go to <u><a href=""></a></u>, enter the username <strong>ooh-download</strong> and the password <strong>ooh26pub</strong>.</li>
<li>Use the upload area on the right hand side of the page to load files to our site (see below). You can either drag and drop files or click on “ADD FILES” to use a dialogue box.</li>
<p><img class="alignnone wp-image-45848" src="×64.png" alt="" width="459" height="98" /></p>
<p>     4. Email your Out of House Publishing contact with the name of the file you have loaded.</p>
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<li>Your contact will confirm safe receipt of the file.</li>